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Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage

  • Hot volcanic stones
  • You melt with pleasure
  • Detoxification and healing

The defining concept of this type of massage is the placing of hot stones along the spine, in the projection areas of the main energy centers of the being (chakras), with the aim of eliminating imbalances, removing stress and tension accumulated in the body, restoring the state of well-being and harmony in the whole body.


90 min

270 lei

120 min

330 lei

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Before starting the massage session, the stones will be heated to a temperature of 40 - 50 degrees Celsius. The massage will be applied to the whole body or only to areas where it is needed.

The most common techniques used in applying this type of massage are friction and vibration. The therapist will combine massage techniques with the application of natural, organic oils, chosen according to the effects they should have on various conditions.

The hot stone massage will warm the skin, allowing the therapeutic oils used to be absorbed.

The application of hot volcanic stone massage aims to detoxify the body, improve blood and lymph circulation, reduce acute pain and muscle spasms, improve kidney activity, regulate metabolism and oxygen assimilation at cellular level.

Benefits of hot stone massage

  • elimination of toxins,
  • restoring energy balance,
  • increasing the ability of collagen fibers to stretch,
  • decreasing or eliminating joint problems,
  • decreasing or eliminating pain,
  • decreasing muscle spasms,
  • energising and stimulating effect,
  • stimulation of the nervous system,
  • increased blood circulation,
  • increasing body temperature,
  • acceleration of breathing,
  • accelerating oxygen uptake at cellular levels and metabolic rate, regulation of kidney activity,
  • can help in the elimination of oedemas (bruises) in affected areas,
  • applying hot stones to the area opposite the affected area draws blood flow from the affected area and thus reduces tension in that area.

The most important person is yourself! Leave the rush and work behind and enter another rhythm, that of a relaxed efficiency. A relaxing massage in Bucharest is always welcome. Then you will congratulate yourself for making time for yourself and your soul.

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