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Tachyon Therapy

Tachyon Therapy

  • In tachyonic cocoon
  • Euphoric state
  • Balance and healing

Energy is known to be in space of light speed. Beyond it, there would be a zone of tachyonic energy, generated by a zero point of superluminal velocity, the point from which all existing manifestations start. It is an intelligent energy, not subject to any known physical laws, but acting on the whole universe. American researcher David Wagner invented and patented a device that charges any object with tachyon energy.


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Advanced Tachyon Technologies is the only company in the world producing and marketing such tahionised products.

Tachyon energy can be supplied or delivered to the body in several different ways.

What is Tachyon Cocoon?

Among the elements imbued with tahionic energy, the most powerful device created so far is the Tachyon Cocoon. It is one of the most effective tools for balancing the body, mind and spirit. It considerably reduces stress because it harmonizes the emotional body.

The Personal Cocoon surrounds you in a 3-dimensional, life-enriched sea of Tachyon. The specific placement of all the individual pieces in the Cocoon creates a very powerful, Tachyon-directed flow that facilitates deep balance and transformation.

Tachyonized Personal Cocoon is one of the most popular products because of its profound effect on the whole being.

This experience promotes the integration of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies, leading to a state of mental clarity and centering! Not only does it feel wonderful, it actually enhances any healing process that is to take place at any level of being!

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Benefits of tahionic energy

When applied, tahionic energy simply provides the body with the full range of energy needed for health. Our bodies use it as a template or guiding energy.

It teaches our bodies how to heal themselves. This energy aligns and controls our bodies at the cellular level, allowing our hormone production, metabolism and vitality to increase.


It is a general tonic that has proven its beneficial effects in treating many conditions: diabetes, osteoporosis, arthritis, insomnia, depression, liver disease, rheumatism, clearing the mind.

It acts by natural detoxification, increased assimilation of vitamins and minerals, muscle rebuilding, improved brain function and blood circulation, general energization, reduced fatigue.

The most important person is yourself! Leave the rush and work behind and enter another rhythm, that of a relaxed efficiency. A relaxing massage in Bucharest is always welcome. Then you will congratulate yourself for making time for yourself and your soul.

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