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Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

  • Massage tailored to your needs
  • Creativity and empathy
  • Mixed massage techniques

Therapeutic massage is one of the most effective therapies in the treatment of muscle pain. It includes combined Swedish massage manoeuvres that prepare the body, deep-tissue massage that works deep into the muscle fibres, joint relaxation manoeuvres and tendon relaxation. Depending on the needs of the person we are working with we can also add manual lymphatic drainage, acupressure on the sole and energy meridians.


60 min

190 lei

90 min

250 lei

120 min

310 lei

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What is therapeutic massage like and what techniques does it include?

This is a therapy that combines manoeuvres from various massage techniques, suitable for people with contractures, muscle pain and tension, lack of mobility in the whole body or partially, joint dysfunctions and people who are recovering from certain health problems.

To perform a therapeutic massage requires a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and of different types of therapies and massages.

All the therapists at our massage parlour are qualified and experienced and will use combined manoeuvres from the therapies they know. For example: from Swedish massage to prepare the body, deep-tissue massage to work deep in the muscles, etc.

If there is water retention we add manual lymphatic drainage and if we feel there are blockages we can add acupressure in the soles and on the meridians. Mixing these will ultimately lead to deep relaxation, improved function, circulation and mobility of the body.

Following this massage the body enters a beneficial state of healing, recovery and regeneration.

Depending on your needs at the time of the massage, we can also add working with certain objects: hot stones for deep relaxation, wooden objects for acupressure and working on trigger points, Balinese massage manoeuvres with bamboo sticks, suction cups for lymphatic drainage, etc.

The aim of this massage is deep muscle relaxation, improved muscle tone and flexibility. The aim is to eliminate and relieve pain trigger points, relax the muscles and relieve circulatory problems.

It is very suitable for both healthy people and those with acute or chronic pain in a particular part of the body, the back, for example.

Therapeutic massage can be performed on the whole body or on a specific body segment that needs it. When making your appointment, please let us know.

What is specific to this massage is that you don't have to decide on a massage from a long list of therapies but leave it up to your therapist to use their experience and creativity to customize and blend maneuvers from various therapies into your massage session as is best for you.

In our experience, we recommend a minimum 90-minute session. In an hour, that's hardly enough time to truly relax deeply.

Choosing a 5-session (10% discount) or 10-session (20% discount) regular therapeutic massage subscription will help you stay in shape all the time, with no contractions and no stress. You can also include other types of massage in your subscription. The discount will be applied to the final price.

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Only you can decide how long a massage will last: if your body feels a bit tight and you want it to feel light and free, then an hour is enough. If your body feels stiff, with persistent muscle aches and contractions, painful knots and continuous discomfort, then a 90-minute session is just right.

If you feel that it's time to take care of them and really address them, then a 2 or more hour, or 4-handed massage therapy (with 2 therapists/therapists) is right for you.

How is therapeutic massage performed with us?

We have prepared a suitable atmosphere: cozy massage rooms, slow relaxing music, aromatherapy with ultrasound lamp, professional massage tables and a discreet light to help you relax and deeply unwind.

Time stops and it's just you and the experienced hands of the masseuse or masseur. It is advisable to let us know if you have had any recent health problems or operations.

You can also say in which areas you would like to insist or not. Please also let your therapist know during the massage if any discomfort occurs. Even though we work deeply, the massage should remain a pleasant and comforting experience.

*Maneuvers are done segmentally or all over the body on both the back and the front, except for the intimate area.

You can shower both before and after the massage. Everything is at your disposal.

Many of our guests like our massages so much that they often take extensions. You can let your therapist know if you want to extend your massage session. However, this is only possible if we do not have any other appointments immediately.

Add toppings:

  • +10 lei for each type of top brand Young Living pure aromatherapy oil that will be dripped directly onto your skin for maximum effects. These therapeutic grade oils are among the most expensive and highest quality in the world. They deeply and instantly balance and uplift you on all levels.

  • +40 lei if before your massage you want to deeply harmonize and test the ultra-tahionic cocoon. The vacuum energy will complete and balance in you what you need. It's an "intelligent" energy.

  • +10 lei if you want our special creams to be used on certain areas.

  • +10 lei if you wish to deeply balance your being with 9 crystals positioned on the 7 chakras and two spheres in your palms. The crystals have been carefully chosen for each chakra.

The most important person is yourself! Let go of the rush and the busyness and step into a different rhythm of relaxed efficiency. If you're in Bucharest, come and feel a well-done therapeutic massage on your own skin. Then you'll congratulate yourself for taking time for yourself and your soul.

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Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

  • Relieves discomfort and restores normal functionality to the area being massaged or the whole body. Example, back, legs, arms;
  • Relieves body muscle or joint pain;
  • Eliminate heavy body sensation, fatigue, headache, migraines and insomnia;
  • Relieves rheumatism, arthritis, arthroses, neuralgia, sedentariness, etc;
  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage, circulation and the entire endocrine and immune system;
  • Regulates blood pressure and fights constipation;
  • Gives or restores elasticity to the skin, muscles and tendons;
  • Relieves certain metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes, gout);
  • Repair processes and healing are enhanced.

Contraindications of Therapeutic Massage

  • In skin conditions (open or healing wounds, infections, communicable diseases, fungus, tumours, etc.);
  • Varicose veins, venous thrombosis, varicose ulcers, phlebitis and thrombophlebitis, epilepsy;
  • Problems of mental function;
  • Cancers, diseases with a skin manifestation (psoriasis);
  • Conditions related to blood clotting and taking blood thinning medication or anticoagulants;
  • Severe cases of cardio-respiratory arrest, vital organ failure;
  • After very recent surgery (therapeutic massage can be done on other body segments, away from the operated area);
  • In acute inflammatory and haemorrhagic processes

The most important person is yourself! Leave the rush and work behind and enter another rhythm, that of a relaxed efficiency. A relaxing massage in Bucharest is always welcome. Then you will congratulate yourself for making time for yourself and your soul.

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The therapist aims to achieve a connection and/or reconnection between body, mind and soul through each touch, freeing the being from physical suffering and negative emotional and mental experiences. On a physical level, Lomi Lomi massage helps to eliminate tension and stress, improve blood and lymph circulation and eliminate toxins from the body.

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