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Relax more and pay less!

  • 10% on any 10 session subscription
  • 5% on any subscription of 5 sessions
  • 15% on a 10-session subscription for seniors*

Amrita Parlour invites you to even more relaxation at discounted prices. Enjoy continuous, not just occasional, wellness and pamper yourself the way you deserve.

Stress affects us on a daily basis and has effects on both our body and our mental state. Instead of 'surviving' we'd rather enjoy what life has to offer in a relaxed way.

According to more than 200 scientific studies, regular massage sessions help boost the body's immune defence, promote a state of well-being, inner balance, deep and restful sleep and give us energy and zest for life.

Combine any spa therapies you want in your subscription

We have several types of massages and therapies. If you don't know which one suits you at the moment, you can combine them as you wish and we will give you a substantial discount on the final price.

For example, you can order 2 therapeutic massages, 2 lomi-lomi massages, 2 hot-stone massages, 3 deep-tissue massages and a Raindrop therapy. Combine any spa therapies you want in your subscription and receive a 10% discount on the whole package!

Oferă un cadou original, util și sănătos cuiva drag

Give an original, useful and healthy gift to someone you love Offer relaxation to a loved one and order a voucher or gift card for a certain amount, a certain massage or a package of 5 or 10 sessions. Then all they need to do is to call us and schedule a time to enjoy complete relaxation.


  • Subscriptions will be paid in full at the time of purchase.
  • The prices within the subscriptions remain the same even if their prices increase in the meantime.
  • A prior telephone appointment is required, depending on your schedule. Appointments must be cancelled at least 12 hours in advance, otherwise they will be considered done.
  • Refund policy: refunds of money paid in advance for personalised subscriptions can only be made if the validity period has not been exceeded, and the cost of the sessions carried out will be recalculated at the full price (without discount), with the remaining difference being refunded for sessions not carried out.

*Senior membership is valid for massages performed between 10 a.m.- 4 p.m., Monday to Friday inclusive.

Do you want more relaxation? Pay less!



on 5 sessions



on 10 sessions

15% for seniors

between 1000- 1400

on 10 sessions